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Real-world clinical expertise paired with business savvy.

There are many healthcare consultants out there, but only a small subset of them have worked in the trenches as a hospitalist. Similarly, there are many exceptional clinicians practicing, but only a fraction have developed truly effective leadership expertise and a keen understanding of the business realities hospitals face. Dr. Epstein, founder of kre Consulting, is an uncommon combination of both. This combination, along with his passion for hospital medicine and consulting, drive kre Consulting’s mission: to advance and improve the practice of hospital medicine.

kre Consulting collaborates with healthcare industry specialists to provide a full range of healthcare consulting services. Through these relationships, we offer consultation expertise in process redesign, expansion strategies, revenue cycle management, telehealth, and many other services.

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Benefits of Physician-Led Consulting

Real-world, scalable solutions

Finding a real world, scalable management solution that works with your hospital’s culture can be challenging. The experience of a hospital medicine partner who has managed and consulted with over a hundred hospitalist programs across the country (ranging from academic and community settings to hospital-owned and private practice models) is invaluable.

Mentorship for your leaders

Excellent clinical skills don’t always equate to effective leadership skills. Often, the most senior and respected clinician is chosen to lead, but is not given adequate leadership training. As an experienced hospitalist leader, Dr. Epstein closely mentors medical directors on working with the administrative team, addressing difficult colleagues, developing long-term leadership skills, as well as specific focus areas tailored to your program.

Clinician involvement

As a physician lead organization, we believe including representative clinical team members from your hospitalist program is essential to the long-term success of your program. Led by a practicing hospitalist, we never make recommendations that we aren’t willing to implement ourselves.

Dr. Epstein was very open minded and thorough during his consulting engagement with us. He took the time to understand our specific issues and tailored his final plan to the unique needs of our community hospital. His recommendations were well thought out and outlined a clear plan of action that was able to be implemented easily. I would highly recommend Ken Epstein and his consulting services!
Dr. Rupin Amin, Medical Director, Sentara RMH Medical Center, Harrisonburg, PA

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