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Maximize the value of your hospital medicine program.

kre Consulting combines a passion for hospital medicine, real-world clinical experience, and expertise gleaned from starting up and optimizing hospital medicine programs of various sizes and settings across the country to provide exceptional hospital medicine consulting services. kre specializes in hospitalist program evaluation and management for both existing and start-up programs.

We evaluate the hospitalist program as a part of a patient’s entire episode of care. Our passion is to improve the coordination of care across the entire healthcare experience. Whether an outpatient setting, emergency department visit, inpatient stay, or transition of care back to the community or post-acute facility, we coordinate improvements in patient care, throughput, and overall efficiency. This results in reduced costs and improved outcomes, with a concomitant improvement in patient safety and a reduction in potential harm.

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All clinicians strive to provide high-quality clinical care. Likewise, no one strives to have an inefficient practice. However, clinical quality and efficiency can slip at even the best-intended programs. We work with your hospitalists and hospital to standardize your program, ensuring each patient receives outstanding care as expediently as possible.

Patient care is commonly handled in silos by healthcare providers. Patients, however, view their illnesses as a single episode of care that may bridge several sites. The goal of an efficient healthcare system is to create seamless transfers between these sites, from office or home through the emergency department, into the hospital, and ultimately home again or to a post-acute setting. We work with hospitals and healthcare systems to standardize these smooth transitions. This is essential for efficient management, risk minimization, and improved patient experience.

All providers care for sick patients. However, often their documentation does not support the severity of their patients’ illnesses. Accurate documentation of a patient’s condition is essential to facilitate effective communication regarding patient status, treatment plan, diagnosis, DRGs, CMI determination, and billing. Additionally, improved documentation supports professional CPT coding that reflects the true scope of patient care provided. We work with your providers to improve documentation, understand ICD-10 requirements, and assure that CPT coding is compliant.

Creating a compensation and incentive system that is attractive to physicians and fits within your institution’s employee structure is challenging. We work with your practice administrators to develop a custom solution for each facility we serve. Our compensation structures attract providers, reward quality, and reinforce productivity. Once the RVU-based productivity system is implemented, we provide continued support to ensure your program realizes maximum impact on productivity and clinical documentation.

Physicians are traditionally trained to be independent-minded decision makers. These skills are necessary to be an excellent clinician. However, strong clinical care skills are not always congruent with strong leadership skills. In many hospitalist groups, the most senior and respected clinician is chosen to lead the group, but is not mentored to lead effectively. As a hospitalist physician with years of clinical and management experience, Dr. Epstein works closely with medical directors to provide mentorship in working with administration, addressing difficult colleagues, and developing long-term leadership skills.

Staffing a hospitalist program to achieve ideal patient care and optimize resource expenditures is challenging. We prioritize both by developing a custom staffing and scheduling model that utilizes a mixture of physicians and advanced care providers. We have extensive experience with multiple scheduling frameworks and will work with you to determine which is the best for your program.

Patient care will not be perceived as high quality if the patient experiences challenges with information or management between care settings. We have experience staffing and managing healthcare providers in long-term acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. We strive to ensure that the highest quality patient care is provided in post-acute settings, communication systems between the care settings are in place, and readmissions are appropriately managed.

The demand for hospitalists exceeds the supply of qualified physicians. Additionally, physician costs continue to outpace clinical revenues. These two truths only emphasize the importance of prioritizing efficiency and leveraging collaboration between physicians and advanced practice providers. After years of staffing and managing hospitalist practices across the country, we’re acutely aware of the pearls and pitfalls of various collaborative practice models. Together we will design the ideal model for the future of your program.

Dr. Epstein was very open minded and thorough during his consulting engagement with us. He took the time to understand our specific issues and tailored his final plan to the unique needs of our community hospital. His recommendations were well thought out and outlined a clear plan of action that was able to be implemented easily. I would highly recommend Ken Epstein and his consulting services!
Dr. Rupin Amin, Medical Director, Sentara RMH Medical Center, Harrisonburg, PA

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