Hospitalist Quality and Efficiency

Scribes for Physicians – If or When?

We know that having the most highly paid and educated employees at our hospitals (physicians) spending more than 50% of their time in front of a computer rather than providing front line care is not efficient or sustainable. We also know that added computer work is driving many physicians to burnout. [...]

What! We Have to Talk to One Another?! The Relationship of Consultants and Hospitalists

In a previous blog, I discussed the importance of patient-centric communication and its direct correlation with patient experience and care quality. The reality is, it’s not just patient communication that’s impactful. Every interaction, including interactions with physician colleagues, staff, and consultants impacts patient experience and quality of care. One common [...]

The Need to Focus on Reducing Avoidable Skilled Nursing Facility ED Visits and Readmissions

The impetus to reduce costs and improve quality of care is calling the traditional skilled nursing facility (SNF) provider coverage model into question. Local primary care physicians in the community serve as attending physicians in the traditional SNF model, which presents several recurring concerns that impact both care quality and [...]

The Patient Experience – Creating a Patient-Centric Culture

Clinical communication is the single-most important aspect of creating a patient-centric culture. No one appreciates this more than patients and families themselves, which I know from personal experience. Over the last few years of my father’s life, he was in the hospital several times. Each time, my family and I [...]