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Specializing in Hospitalist Program Evaluation and Management 

kre consulting is dedicated to working with both existing hospitalist programs and start-ups, in order to provide evaluation, oversight, and management.  Kenneth Epstein, MD MBA has expertise with hospitalist programs in both academic and community settings, and has worked with both hospital-owned and private practice models.

Dr. Epstein can work closely with hospital and practice administrators to make sure a hospitalist program meets the medical center's goals and objectives.  However, as opposed to most consultants, as a physician Ken has a keen understanding of the hospitalists needs and desires, resulting in markedly improved recruitment and retention.  He can serve as a mentor to the physician leaders to help manage the program more effectively and efficiently, and is able to provide this oversight and mentorship both during and after the consulting engagement.  Many physicians, although excellent clinically, have had little education or experience in management, and we can serve as a resource to your program’s physician leadership.

kre consulting’s emphasis is in working closely with hospitalist programs to improve quality and meet the needs of the four key constituencies: Patients, Hospital Administration, the Hospitalist Physicians, and the other key physician groups of emergency medicine physicians, primary care physicians (PCP’s), and specialists. 

An important and essential component of hospitalist medicine is to assure a seamless transition of patient care from the PCP’s office to the hospital and back to the PCP.  Dr. Epstein will work with both the hospitalists and the outpatient physicians to help align the needs of both groups.  Ken will help implement and achieve excellence in the program’s Transition of Care program.


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